"George Washington" by Peale, 1782
Collection Maréchal de Rochambeau.
Cheverny, 2002

Record Auctions

“...the only auctioneer in France to have achieved,

5 years in a row, 5 auction prices for paintings

of over 1 million euros.. in Cheverny !"

2013: the Highest Auction Price reached in the French Art Market

The Large Gold Lacquer Mazarin Chest, Japan, c. 1640.
Sold €7.311.000.

Record price by the
Rijksmueum, Amsterdam, against all top leding museum in the world.

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2012 : the Nicest Bid outside Paris

"Madeleine Grey à la rose" by  Kees Van Dongen, 1929
sold €1.170.000.

From the René Clement' collection, world prized french film director, Monaco.

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2011 : the World Record for an old Photograph

"Bateaux quittant le port du Havre" by Gustave Le Gray, 1856-57.

Frome the Charles Denis Labrousse' collection.
sold €917.000

The french most expansive photograph in any catogory.

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2003: the Highest Auction Price for an antique painting in France!

Louis-Nicolas van Blarenberghe’s “Le siege de Yorktown” and “La prise de Yorktown” (1786), Rochambeau Collection.

Auction price: 1 million euros.

Fifth auction price over 1 million euros obtained at Cheverny.

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2002: the Highest Auction price reached in the French Art Market ...

Charles Willson Peale’s “George Washington” (1782). Rochambeau Collection.
Sold for
4.4 millions euros, or, including premium: €5 189 360 or 34 039 970 francs.

Four auction prices attracting more than 10 million francs reached in Cheverny.

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2001: the Highest Auction price for a vintage painting in France!

Cranach the Elder’s “Venus und Amor” (1532): sold for
14.5 million francs, or, including premium: 16 million francs or €2 448 450.

Three auction prices over 10 million francs obtained in Cheverny.

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2000: the highest auction price in the French art market ...

Vlaminck’s “Voiles à Chatou” (1905), hammer price
11.4 million francs, or, including premium: 12,627,000 francs or €1,924,988.

Second sale for more than 10 million francs at Cheverny.


1999: the only sale of over 10 million francs outside of Paris!

Monet’s “Falaise d’Etretat” (1883):   

Painting kept in the same family since 1919 and sold for
14 million francs, or, including premium: 15,519,600 francs or €2,326,372.


"Art and Manners at Cheverny:

each year the most important auction

of the whole provincial region takes place”

... the place to achieve records...

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