THAN-THAÏ (1879-1954) is the 10th sovereign, politician and religious leader of the Nguyen dynasty. Than-Thaï life was astonishing: having his father walled up alive, being himself forced to abdicate, then seeing his son dethrone, being exiled father and son together, that is quite a rare destiny for a monarch. He has reigned during 19 years. When he was 10, from 1889 to1907,  he has abdicated for demencia reason, then he has been exiled to the Reunion, where he died.

The rickshaw has been ordered by the Emperor Annam, in Kinh-Luoc village, Hanoi, for his mother the TU-MINH Empress, DUC-DUC Emperor wife, who died in1906.
Than-Thaï bed comes from his ancestors.

Rickshaw and bed have been bought in Hue palace the 18th of October 1907 by Prosper JOURDAN, inspector, in charge of the exiled sovereigns Guard, for 400 piastres - directly with the emperor for a car.
Retained by the Jourdan family since 1907, those rickshaw and camp bed have been exposed in Dijon in 1916, at la Bourse du commerce.

A complete file, letters, notes, press clipping, pictures, hand-written invoices signed by the Emperor ... will be delivered to the buyer, and also the magazine l'Illustration n° 3374 from the 26th of October 1907, p.265-269.

Rickshaw from

Bed from VietNam Emperors

Two unique and imperial work of art.

Preserved in the same family in France for a centenary. They have escaped to diverse conflicts, which devasteted the imperial city of Hué.
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