Bronze, patina emerald green. The standing goddess is entirely naked, left leg bears body weight, right leg is gently curved, forms are full, hip bones are wide, body lines are marked, small breasts, legs have good proportions, large hands, left arm moves apart the body hand down, right arm is curved, round face, hairs are at the front and the back separated by a median part falling down the shoulders and sit on top of a diadem. It is a variation of Pséliouméné from Praxitele subject, making heavier with the influence of some Aphrodite less juvenile from Hellenistic period.

Roman art, 1stcentury BC – 1st century AD.

Height: 27,5 cm.

A scientific analysis confirms this description.

Origin: Arthur Sambon legacy (1846 – 1947) – historian – french numismatist, art merchant –from Ambroisine Chesneau, the 22nd of February 1929, retained by the same family since.

- Certificat du CIRAM en date du 13 mai 2013.
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