Record Auctions

“...the only auctioneers
with 15 millionaire auctions in the provinces,

and to have achieved, 5 years in a row,
5 auction prices for paintings
of over 1 million euros..
during the Garden-Party Auction".

2023: World record for Lavinia Fontana
Portrait of Antonietta Gonsalvus, c. 1595
sold for 1.550.000 euros.

The previous record is multiplied by three, and another version is conserved at the Château de Blois.

2023: World record for Kazuo Shiraga in this size
T. 34, 1962
sold for 1.860.000 euros.

From the Stadler Gallery, this painting was acquired in 1990 by an entrepreneur from Amboise.

2019: World record for two panthers by Bugatti
Two walking panthers, 1905
sold for 1.364.000 euros.

The previous record was set in 2016, at €794,500, at the Delon sale.

2018: World record for the Brothers Le Nain
The Child Jesus meditating on the instruments of the Passion
Sold for 3.596.000 euros.

Painting ranked National treasure

Gourde impériale Qianlong

2018: World record for a Baoyueping moonflask
in blue, white and celadon porcelain with the Qianlong six-character seal mark in zhuanshu script
Sold for 5.084.000 euros.

Sold 2,86 more expensive than the previous in Hong Kong...

2017: World record for the Valse by Camille Claudel
An unpreviously version in bronze smelt in 1900
Sold for 1.463.200 euros.

The nicest bid of the year in provinces

2015: World record for a Film camera
The Chronomégaphone Gaumont of Charles Proust, 1912.
Sold for 1.240.000 euros.

Record price by Gaumont, for the first Film camera.

2013: the Highest Auction Price reached in the French Art Market
The Large Gold Lacquer Mazarin Chest, Japan, c. 1640.
Sold 7.311.000 euros.

Record price by the Rijksmueum, Amsterdam, against all top leding museum in the world.

2012: the Nicest Bid outside Paris
"Madeleine Grey à la rose" by Kees Van Dongen, 1929
Sold1.170.000 euros.

From the René Clement' collection, world prized french film director, Monaco.

2011: the World Record for an old Photograph
"Bateaux quittant le port du Havre" by Gustave Le Gray, 1856-57.
From the Charles Denis Labrousse' collection.
Sold917.000 euros.

The french most expansive photograph in any catogory.

2003: the Highest Auction Price for an antique painting in France!
Louis-Nicolas van Blarenberghe’s “Le siege de Yorktown” and “La prise de Yorktown” (1786), Rochambeau Collection.
Sold1 million euros.

Fifth auction price over 1 million euros obtained at Cheverny.

2002: the Highest Auction price reached in the French Art Market ...
Charles Willson Peale’s “George Washington” (1782). Rochambeau Collection.
Sold 5.189.360 euros.

Four auction prices attracting more than 10 million francs reached in Cheverny.

2001: the Highest Auction price for a vintage painting in France!
Cranach the Elder’s “Venus und Amor” (1532)
Sold16 MF ou 2.448.450 euros.

Three auction prices over 10 million francs obtained in Cheverny.

22000: the highest auction price in the French art market ...
“Voiles à Chatou” by Vlaminck, 1905
Sold16 MF ou 2.448.450 euros.

Second sale for more than 10 million francs at Cheverny.

1999: the only sale of over 10 million francs outside of Paris!
“Falaise d’Étretat” by Monet, 1883
Sold15.519.600 F ou 2.326.372 euros.

Painting kept in the same family since 1919

"Art and Manners at Cheverny:
each year the most important auction
of the whole provincial region takes place”
... the place to achieve records...

Other sales?

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