Michel Audiard

Thursday, November 2nd 2023

Selected sculptures

Lot #96
Lot #93
Lot #94
Lot #97
Lot #95
For Michel Audiard, bronze is the "noblest metal, the highest form of sculpture as it has been used by all of the world's greatest artists". As he confides in his book entitled "50 ans d'amusement" (50 years of fun), he draws inspiration from César, Brancusi, Picasso, Giacometti and Braque's work.

A self-taught artist, he learned various techniques all by himself, first starting with painting before embracing sculpture once and for all. The artist's prolific production draws on 4,000 years of art history and incorporates references to classical culture – see for instance his chariot-mounted warrior (#96). Discovering museums with his father is probably no stranger to his predilection. At the same time, Audiard also developed a fondness for the primitive arts, as evidenced by the two-faced totem poles that he cast (#93 & #94). As on all of his sculptures, he took great care applying patina on these, the final touch “that gives bronze its sensuality".

Michel Audiard doesn’t reproduce the same drawing ad infinitum. Also taking an interest in the decorative arts, he aims to create a multi-faceted body of work. His practical and visually pleasing objects - such as a horse-shaped table (#97) or candelabras akin to small trees (#95) - never fail to amaze.

Whether in his professional or his personal life, freedom is Michel Audiard’s credo; in his own words: "I loathe one-track thinking; beloved freedom, you got a hold on me!" - this could be his motto!

Bibliography: Camille Colloch, "Michel Audiard. 50 ans d'amusement".
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